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Bespoke USB | Artwork Guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to help you set up your file for large format graphics so that there will be as few delays and problems as possible in the production of your job.

File Formats and Programs to use?
Files may be MAC or PC formatted in one of the following file formats.

QuarkXPress 4.1, 5.0, 6.1 & 6.5 – saved for output with fonts and imported graphics

Adobe PhotoShop CS (8.0) or below in flattened CMYK TIF / EPS / JPEG / or PSD

Adobe Illustrator 9, 10.0 & CS with outlined fonts

Adobe In Design CS saved for output with fonts and imported graphics

Adobe PDF (This must be distilled with PRESS settings, and must include 5mm bleed and trim marks )

Macromedia Freehand 10.0 with outlined fonts

CorelDRAW 8.0 - (include original CDR file, fonts and placed art) Must be exported or saved as an .EPS: with outlined fonts If CorelDraw files are sent they may incur additional artwork charge to double check their output.

Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint & Publisher files can not be used for large format high-resolution artwork. Please call for options & alternative methods of artwork production

Document Setup:
Setup documents as Full size / 1/2 size / 1/4 size / 1/8 size Indicate final size & enlargement factor Allow at least 5mm bleed on all print edges.

Pop-up systems @ 1/4 size, 1 panel per page, set-up as spreads ( QuarkXpress and Indesign templates can be provided )

Roll-up systems @ 1/4 or 1/2 size add 200mm bleed at the bottom of the artwork (plus the standard 5mm bleed) to allow for the graphic to bleed into the cassette. (Not required with Tensioned systems)

Please ensure that you include all used fonts with your layout including those used in placed EPS files.

Placed Images:
Pixel-based images should ideally be supplied at 1/4 size @ 300dpi. and must be no bigger than 100% when placed, with the resolution at 300dpi for 1/4 size, 150dpi for 1/2size or 75dpi for full size. Save PhotoShop files as a flattened CMYK TIFF file or EPS file. Vector-based images should be saved as an EPS format with outlined fonts ensuring the document setup is CMYK.

Embedded Images
Avoid embedding images in vector based files ie illustrator, linking images is preferred. Remember to include the placed pixel image.


CMYK must be used in placed art & pictures. Please indicate any colour matches by specifying a PMS colour that you would like to have matched.

Illustrator Files – Filters & Effects
Illustrator 9 and above come with many interesting filters & effects, we recommend any special features to be done in Photoshop. We recommend you do not use the special filters & effects in Illustrator ie Transparency

How Should I Save My File?
Please DO NOT save your Quark files as an EPS. These files are locked, meaning that we cannot manipulate the content, proportion or colour of the file in any way. If you are placing a Quark EPS in another file, please include all support files. Save any PhotoShop files as a flattened CMYK TIFF file or EPS file. ( JPEG CMYK may be used in emailed documents)

How Should I Send My Artwork?
Artwork can be sent on the following types of media via:

NOTE: Artwork should ideally be supplied on a fully formatted CD with a colour visual or PDF proof.

Tips & Suggestions

Ready to upload your artwork?

To upload your artwork to us, please click here.

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